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Get a complete understanding of your customers, products, logistics and other performance metrics. Shiprocket Analytics provides you with all the necessary details, free of charge, to understand your eCommerce journey and enhance marketing ROI.

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Minimise RTO losses at no extra cost

Analyse whether shipments are being returned after the 1st and 2nd attempts, in accordance with courier policies, before reaching the 3rd attempt.

Gain non-performing product insights

Understand how your customers interact with your products, throughout their order lifecycle.

Improve address quality and accuracy

Ship your package with enhanced address quality to ensure it reaches the right location, saving time and money.

Reduce bulk order fraud cases

Minimise bulk order returns and fraudulent purchases from compromised accounts.

Turn ODAs into delivery zones

Get alternate courier suggestions if the ODA contribution exceeds 2% mark to maximise revenue.

Explore the lane-wise comparison

Get a reliable assessment of the lane-wise performance at the courier level through our mapping of pickup cities to last-mile cities.

Unlock industry-level comparison data

Analyse your competitors by learning what works for them and refine your strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Get channel-wise business suggestions

Track your sales performance across marketing channels, which varies due to distinct audience demographics on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Leverage marketing suggestions

Receive tailored marketing recommendations based on specific product categories, considering factors such as city, tier, pin code and more.

Penetrate markets and optimise resources

Evaluate optimal category-level choices for expansion based on city, post code and state considerations.

Optimise cluster in stock levels

Utilise data clustering to categorise products with similar demand patterns for efficient inventory management.

Fine-tune product pricing for profitability

Harness the power of strategic and effective pricing techniques to outpace the competition.

Receive Your Performance Report

Once you fill in your details, you will be redirected to the report section on your Shiprocket seller panel. Please note that you have to be an active seller for at least 3 months to get your seller performance report.


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