Stay Ahead With Logistics Insights

Gain a holistic view of orders, logistics, products, COD remittances and other key metrics.

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Order Report

Gain a detailed view of all your orders across all channels. Analyse payment methods, pickup locations, AWB statuses and much more to stay on top of your game.

NDR Report

Identify shipment delays with a comprehensive NDR report. Track specific issues, pinpoint holdup locations and verify delivery details (addresses, attempts, NDR reasons).

Remittance Report

Get real-time insights into your COD payouts. Track individual transactions and monitor remittance status to get a clear picture of your COD finances, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Shipment Summary Report

Gain a complete overview of your shipments with instant access to shipment summaries for orders shipped with Shiprocket. Track key details such as order status, location and more.

Weight Discrepancy Report

Handle weight discrepancies with ease. Generate detailed weight discrepancy reports to pinpoint the root causes and resolve any weight-related issues effortlessly.

Receive Your Logistics Report

Once you fill in your details, you will be redirected to the report section on your Shiprocket seller panel. Please note that you must have been an active seller for at least three months to get your logistics report.


    Level up your logistics with real-time reports